Trying to decipher your gf’s text like… 🤔


Trying to decipher your gf’s text like… 🤔😂


  1. Means she’s dropped her bottom lip and is chucking a tantrum like a little kid who can’t communicate their problems 🤔🤣 orrrr there’s nothing wrong and you jumped on the Overthinking train. Choooo choooo

  2. It means have some chocolate and flowers on deck the next time you see her duh. Kisses on the forehead might help and whatever comes out of her mouth that drives you nuts remain calm have a backbone though but don’t be an ass about it. Pray that’s it not that time of the month.

  3. The fact that he “cared enough” to recognize that it could be “something” gives him brownie points right there!! Now, men will never understand us…..but it’s the men that care to recognize there IS something wrong that are the real winners!! Instead of those that just read or hear those words and just think/say: ok and just move on like there isn’t anything wrong that are the asses!!


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